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Passionate About Life

Passionate About Life
November 14th, 2015 

after.PNGHello, my name is Shelly…. I was inspired to write this article when a friend called out for “help” in her last newsletter.

The words “please help” really rang out to me and I definitely paid special attention to what she was asking.

Please write about something that inspires you she asked… and I felt then, that it was a “call out” to help and my first chance to publicly share my story.

I’ve known Rose (owner at Ecomystic) since grade 6 – we were the best of friends through grade school, high school and for a few years thereafter…. I was in her wedding and we shared TONS of great times!!

The years spread us apart…. But we just recently reconnected, and it truly does feel like this reunion is meant to be :) XX

In order to get to the inspiration and therefore the passion, I need to share a bit of history first :)

My goodness… where do I start? ….. All my life my weight went round and round and up and down ….. I struggled, I lost, I gained, I lost and I gained and gained (and I gained… lol.. you get the picture) …..

I gained until finally tipping the scale at just over 400 pounds.


I seriously did not want to be social any more… I really couldn’t walk all that well…. I sat in my chair A LOT and …. Ate….  I was Sad… desperate…. and wanted to change so badly, but I just could not find the will power or the strength.

It’s funny, (not in a Ha Ha way) but our bodies really and truly know when we are at a tipping point – at the top of the threshold - where we cannot possibly tolerate another pound.  Where we say ENOUGH!  And make a change!!! -  Or DIE - it’s quite a choice to be had….

So I said … I WILL make the change …. I WILL lose this weight once and for all … I WILL LIVE!!!... But then continued to eat…. I ate the crack that is so addicting - I would rather eat it and get that short term “high” rather than getting healthy and living - really living - living a life that we all want – full of energy, full of purpose – full of passion!!

I lived in a “one day soon” state of mind until I was challenged by my good friend to watch a movie – a movie on Netflix called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” – a movie by a man named Joe Cross – he travelled across the U.S. and documented his 60 day juice fast.  He was a man who was really overweight, sick and on a lot of medication.

….. This is where my inspiration and my passion start to ignite!!

I watched his story… I watched him transform himself… I watched him get his health and his life back over the course of a 60 day juice fast!!!

Something happened inside of me when I watched this… I can do this too! I really and truly can! I HAVE THE POWER within… WE ALL DO!!!!

I started a juice fast – it was March of 2014.  I went 18 days on my first fast.  It was fabulous!!  I lost over 50 pounds!  During this time, I also met a fabulous lady by the name of Loren Valvasori – She owned a shop called the Raw Shop on Dundurn St. at the time.

The first time I walked into her store, I didn’t know it yet, but I was to find my true path and destiny that day.

I was still having SO much trouble with my ankles – swelling and shooting nerve pains up my legs on a very steady basis.  I was SO hoping the juice fast would take the inflammation down – and therefore the pain down - but it was not ….

At her shop on that first day, Loren pulled out a bottle of an essential oil… my first glimpse of what would become my passion and the vehicle to my mission.

She held up a bottle of Wintergreen oil and asked if she could put a couple of drops onto my ankle. I remember giving a little chuckle and thinking to myself …  ok …. As if that will do anything…

She reached down and applied the couple of drops by simply rubbing it on my ankle… and we continued to talk.

I bought my first two batches of sprouts from her – live growing sources of pure protein that are absolutely top notch in health!  She taught me that I should not be juicing fruit at all – as sugar is sugar and fruit is sugar – especially with the fiber removed in a juice!! – We suck the sugar directly into our cells! Get off the sugar to get rid of the inflammation. She taught me so much on that first day.

On my way out of the store, while feeling absolutely inspired and on track… she asked me how my ankle was feeling… well I was not thinking about it anymore because it was not hurting anymore! I looked down, and the swelling had dramatically lessened and the shooting pains were not there….. Wow!! What??!!

I bought the bottle of winter green essential oil from her right there on the spot!!

I then connected to Loren and into her world …..  I learned a WHOLE lot about health, sugar, meat, dairy, sprouting, juicing and Essential Oils… EXCITING and INSPIRING times to say the least!!!!

I was using my winter green oil every day, and my ankle was feeling so great!  I then wanted to start learning what else these oils could do!  My Man had a tooth ache, so I asked Loren – what oil for tooth pain? – Clove Oil she told me…. She gave me some to try…. We applied it to his tooth, and yes – the pain was gone immediately!!

What Else?? ….. Headaches!! I was having some heavy headaches with the weight loss and the de-tox my body was going through…. I just did not want to start using all kinds of pharmaceutical drugs to get rid of the pain… I wanted my body to be clean and natural.

What oil could I use when I had a headache I asked?  - Peppermint oil! – I got some and applied – and WOW again – it was pretty much instant – my headache was gone!  I also put some on the back of my neck – and hot flashes vanished too!!!

What else – I needed to know! These oils were proving to me to be amazing!!!

Mind Mood Management – feeling down, feeling stressed, and feeling overwhelmed – I had a few takers on this one!!  Vetiver oil, balancing oil and top it off with calming oil -   SUCH amazing results!

People were just rubbing it on themselves – on the bottoms of their feet, on their wrists and on the backs of their necks.  They were also inhaling it – sniffing it right from the bottles, or rubbing some in their palms and inhaling deeply during tense times.  They were also “diffusing” it – putting it in something called a diffuser and having the oil gently blow out at them so they could inhale while they slept.  Person after person after person…. All loving the oils… all loving the natural affects these oils from plants were having on their bodies and on their minds.

Without getting all sciency on you – in a nutshell – these oils are extracted from plants –and even more importantly, from the plants where they grow naturally and indigenously. Essential oils are 50% to 70% more powerful that herbs.  In fact, taking one drop of doTerra peppermint essential oil is like drinking 28 cups of peppermint tea! 

The oils themselves do not treat, cure or prevent ailments and disease – but they do give our bodies what we need to heal ourselves.  Our bodies naturally gravitate to healing, but we need to give ourselves the paths and the “tools” to do so.

But be careful! Not all essential oils are created equally! -  Which leads me full circle to telling you about my full blown inspiration and passion! 

To teach!!  To teach and to share what I have learned.   To share my experiences of health - of how I am working on lasting transformation - on how juicing can change our health and therefore our lives – and how essential oils can help us give our bodies what they need - cleanly and naturally.

I have already seen hundreds of people’s live change for the better because of using these oils and I need help to spread the word to thousands more!!!

I am here to serve.  I teach classes out of my home and on the road.  We have fun smelling, tasting and using the oils. 

If you would like to learn please reach out…. I truly would be honored to meet you.

With Love and Passion, 

Shelly Van Poppel

(905) 407-0221

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