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Creating Love with Art

Creating Love with Art and Art through love



When I was a little girl, my favourite thing to do was play outside; be it walking through the forest, squishing my boots into the ditch alongside the country road in Binbrook, digging up last years harvest from the garden and playing with plants, or laying on my back looking at how the clouds change.

Nature has been natural to me. Being in nature brings me to a state of naturalness, acceptance to the processes of life, and allows a sense of compassion within and without. I began making jewellry at the age of 5 when I was a Brownie, and I love being crafty. When I was 7 years old I was sent to the principals office, the first and only time in my school life, for bringing my jewellry to school and selling it ranging from a dime to a quarter.

When I was told I could not sell my jewellry, I decided to give it away to fellow students. This is the way I spread love, to this day. Throughout my childhood and young adolencence, I faced many challenges, inculding being shy, worrying about being chosen last for a team, hoping I would fit in to a box, and asking for guidance all along the way. I see this lesson clearly now, as I am 32 years young, and stilll feeling like a 5 year old. The wonder and awe that I experience while in nature is the essence of who I am. There is no box to fit into when you are outside on a trail, or sitting by a waterfall.


Life flows, and we grow with this flow.

I chose a career working with children. Working in many schools, I struggled to conform inside of the “box.” I wanted to play and have fun, but there was policy and rules to follow. After sustaining many injuries to my physical body and undergoing 7 years of treatment, I realized that the answer to my pain and suffering was and is nature.

I create art as my own motivational physiotherapy. I began with making hula hoops. This action helped to lessen the pain of a nerve impingement in my shoulder that would make my fingers numb. I began painting, although I had no idea what I was doing. A good friend of mine embraced me and helped me to go for it. She would quote Bob Ross, “There are no mistakes... just happy accidents.”

Like night and day, my passion for creating art and jewellry came back, and it has helped me to heal the way I feel, think, and interact with this world; the boxed part and the natural part. I observe that when I am creative, I feel warm on the inside. By giving my art to family, friends,  or someone on a trail who compliments my work, it has brought me fulfillment like no other job has.


I feel free and loved as I create; Period. My sense of humour and insight has helped my sensitive and frightened inner child. By creating art for the sake of sharing with others, my life is being transformed. Two years ago, I recieved a Thai Massage and it helped my phsysical pain greatly. It was like no other treatment I had experienced.

I decided to take Thai Massage courses so I could meet a community of givers and share in this art. This experience has changed my life and helped me to feel like that young girl again, playing with toads in the ditch, or feeling the sun warm my face with my eyes closed. Love is all around us, and within each and every one. Through all of my ventures and adventures, I have decided that “If its not fun, I'm not doing it !' Any task, that we have to do, like laundry, or filling out forms, meeting a deadline... can be fun, if we see the light in it. I believe that I am here to be a big, fun and bright light bulb, or maybe a little beautiful twinkling firefly, depending on the situation. Each moment feels like a gift, and I love to share these moments. Thank you for reading and sharing with me.

Thai Massage Therapist


Photo Credit: Pawel Kubinski